sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

You took me down
you knocked me out
so fast it wasn't funny
in the first round I found out
how you operate
when I woke up the next day
bleeding on the sidewalk
it was then I knew without a doubt

I had finally found me

my best friend he once was yours
he gave you all his love and money
but you wore him down behind closed doors
even outside on the street
and when he left he wondered why
he wondered how he could deserve you

but now I see that I was worn
cause you weren't all that sweet

So many days have come and gone
and still I always cath you watching
you sit and wait for something wrong
I like to think maybe I've grown
but every night when I walk home
and life it settles on my shoulders
its funny how I just keep on
knowing life is not my own

in a ruthless city

fonte:idm trade

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